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Captain Jason Charles Burgoin

Hon. Fellow
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Born in “Steel City ” Hamilton, Ontario, Jason spent most of his childhood upbringing primarily in the Windsor and Essex County region of Ontario, where he gained a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and splendour of Canada.


A Herald of Arms by inclination and driven by his deep passion for the ancient art of heraldry, Jason has emerged as a prominent figure within its esteemed realm.  As an active member of the  Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, he wholeheartedly embraces his current positions as the National President, a role he assumed in 2023, and as the President of the Toronto Branch, a position he has held since 2018. Throughout his nearly two decades of involvement with the Society, Jason has strived to advance the society's standing on a global scale. Serving as chairperson for numerous committees, he has spearheaded initiatives aimed at enhancing the society's prominence and influence. His leadership at many levels has fostered growth, driven innovation, and propelled the Society forward in its mission to preserve and promote the rich heritage of heraldry.

In 2019, the Society recognized his dedicated contributions by bestowing upon him the highly regarded Meritorious Service Award. This prestigious accolade stands as a testament to his vision and leadership in the establishment of the Canadian Heraldic Studies Symposium, an annual event that commenced in 2008. Since the inception of this event, he has held the pivotal role of chairing the Symposium, ensuring its continued success. Furthermore, his passion for Heraldry has been showcased through his longstanding editorial prowess as the editor of Hogtown Heraldry. Serving as the flagship magazine-style quarterly publication of the Toronto Branch of the Society, it is committed to advancing the understanding and appreciation of heraldic studies and providing valuable insights to readers.

Jason's insatiable thirst for heraldic research extends far beyond the confines of Canada. His profound fascination lies in European heraldry, with a particular emphasis on France and Great Britain. Delving deep into this captivating subject matter, he has ventured into the realm of sigillography and developed a passion for collecting heraldic bookplates. This fervor epitomizes his exceptional intellectual curiosity, as he explores the elegance and erudition inherent in this timeless art form. Driven by his boundless enthusiasm, Jason finds immense joy in sharing his extensive research and knowledge. He does so through engaging lectures, striving to advance the study and appreciation of heraldry not only within Canada but also across the globe. By imparting his expertise, he aims to foster a deeper understanding and admiration for this rich heritage, transcending geographical boundaries and uniting heraldic enthusiasts worldwide.

Throughout his tenure as Vice President, one of his primary focal points was the strategic planning and implementation of a hybrid technological framework to streamline operations and offer meaningful programs. Recognizing the global reach of the organization's membership, it became imperative to establish value-driven outreach initiatives that catered to members across the globe.

In 2022, Jason's exemplary merit, profound expertise, and substantial contributions to the realm of Heraldry earned him the esteemed distinction of being elected a Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada. This remarkable honour is bestowed upon individuals who have displayed unparalleled erudition in heraldic scholarship, artistry, armorial studies, chivalry, and other related subjects pertinent to the field of Heraldry in Canada. Through their remarkable achievements, these distinguished individuals have left an indelible mark, making significant and lasting contributions to their respective fields.

     Jason is a passionate individual who dedicates a significant portion of his time to supporting several not-for-profit organizations and community groups in achieving their vital missions. One such organization that is close to his heart is St. John Ambulance where he has held various leadership positions at the community, regional, and national levels. Currently, he serves as the Honours & Awards Chair for the Halton-Hamilton Regional Branch and is a member of the Priory of Canada Chancellors Communication team. In recognition of his unwavering commitment and contributions, a testament to his service and contributions to the organization, he was appointed to the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem at the grade of Member in 2020.

In addition to his work with St. John Ambulance, Jason is actively involved in the charitable endeavours of The Equestrian, Secular & Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim. His commitment to this organization has been recognized on several occasions. In 2017, he was awarded the Grand Masters medal, and in 2019, he received The Cross of Merit. In 2020, Jason was appointed to the office of the Commander for the Canadian Sub-Commandry of Gore-Niagara in the Order and promoted to the rank of Knight Commander.

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