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About Us

The Heraldic Institute promotes art and culture through the advancement of heraldry. In particular we foster heraldry as an international subject, linking heraldic experts from around the world with eachother and the interested public. The Institute was born out of the need to understand the complex heraldic traditions present in Germanic and Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions, but is not limited to this area.

The Heraldic Institute is supported by voluntary contributions and run by volunteers.

We offer the general public:

  • to endeavour to answer any question you have regarding the history, practice and use of heraldry.

  • to check heraldic designs for their correctness or advise on appropriate ways of registering or assuming your coat of arms.

  • to help with the identification of anything that looks heraldic.

  • to arrange for research to be conducted regarding any aspect of heraldry.

  • help in selecting or choosing an heraldic artist or specialist.


Please contact us to be put in touch with someone.


For those serious about heraldry:

The Institute will award fellowships those who have made a particular impact on the study and art of heraldry. These individuals form the basis of our community of experts. For more information please visit our Fellowship page.


The Institute is not

  • affiliated with a university/seat of higher learning

  • a state-recognised organisation

  • an independent research body

  • in receipt of public funding or endorsement

  • a teaching establishment.

  • registering, granting or recording coats of arms

  • offering courses (please visit the School of Family History, who may be able to help you)

  • associated with or in opposition to the Académie Internationale d'Héraldique

  • involved with, nor endorses, the sale of titles, honours, orders and decorations.


Our governing document is the Statutes, which can be viewed here.

Our Data Protection Policy can be read here.

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