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The Fellowship

The Fellows of the Institute form the back bone of its 'international community of experts'. There are two types, the 'Fellow', who is a practicing herald or heraldist, and the 'Honourary Fellow', who pursues heraldic research or art as a hobby.


The Institute intends to maintain a balance of Fellows from around the world, representing many heraldic traditions.

Fellow Benefactors and Companion-Fellows will also be recognised from time to time.

The Institute will award fellowships to individuals who have made a particular impact on the art and science of heraldry. Please use this form to nominate someone for a Fellowship.

Fellows must be willing to share their expert heraldic knowledge with each other and fulfil the Heraldic Institute's wider mission to promote understanding, access and the use of heraldry.

Meet the Fellows.

thumbnail_Fridén fellow_edited.png

The shield of arms of Björn Fridén FHI by Fridén, encircled with the Fellows Badge. The badge is cast by Anfora Esmaltes.

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