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Roberta Imperio

Hon. Fellow
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Roberta Imperio is a ceramic artist and teacher, with over 20 years of studio experience.

Roberta began the artistic journey of Heraldic art in 2008, when she got into the subject thanks to a commission. After thorough research on Heraldic art in ceramics in the various eras, in addition to painting coats of arms on plates, tiles and vases, she specialised in Heraldic Sculpture.

“I am creative, scrupulous and a perfectionist in the realisation of details. In my work I use the ancient majolica technique, which I apply in the decoration phase. After having studied and executed the sketch of the coat of arms, I proceed with the relief modelling. I then apply enamel to the coat of arms by dipping and painting it by hand. During and at the end of the process, I perform two kiln firings at 960°.”

Roberta is a Master of Heraldic Sculpture, awarded an Honorary Degree for high professional merit by the Serenissima Accademia Dinastica di Scienze e Arte Araldiche di Correggio d'Austria. She currently works in Rome.

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